Arabella is a Canadian writer, songwriter and singer. Her first album, entitled I Heard the Brother Speak, features bluesy rock and roll with influences from classic rock, garage punk, and funk.

Arabella is currently based on the west coast, and has begun work on her second album, #deadfriends.

An avid writer of various genres, Arabella also weaves strange tales and rhyming labrynths to swallow you- or embrace you. Whichever you should require. 

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i heard the brother speak

by Arabella

I HEARD THE BROTHER SPEAK: Vocals by Erin Reitmayer (Arabella Coola). Produced by Christopher Huggett. Electric and acoustic guitars, piano, keyboards, and banjo by Christopher Huggett. All songs by Erin Reitmayer (Service for Sinners, Ghosts, Slow Bang, Atlantis) and Erin Reitmayer and Christopher Huggett (Mad River, Pretty Bones, Free Ride). Percussion by Adam Fair. Drums by Max Trefler. Bass by Manny DeGrandis. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Adam Fair. With special thanks to Albrecht and his son Arthur. Recorded at Villa Sound, Singhampton Ontario- 2015.